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How to choose the right leash for your dog?

A dog leash is not only a tool necessary to ensure safety during walks, but also a way to strengthen the relationship between the dog and the owner. Choosing the right leash is crucial because it affects both the comfort of the dog and the comfort of the person leading it on a walk. In this article, we will discuss what to pay attention to when choosing a leash for your pet.

1.Leash Length:

The length of the leash is important for both the dog and the owner. It is worth choosing a leash of the appropriate length, adapted to the size of the dog and the type of activity we plan to perform during the walk. A short leash will work well in places where you need to maintain more control, such as city sidewalks or busy streets. A longer leash is ideal for walks in parks or recreational areas where the dog can run and explore freely.

2. Material type:

Leashes are available in a variety of materials such as nylon, leather, and even elastic materials. The choice of material often depends on the owner's preferences and the dog's needs. Nylon lanyards are lightweight, easy to clean and available in many colors. Leather lanyards may be more durable and aesthetic, but they require more care. Elastic materials such as cushioned tapes can be comfortable for both dog and owner, providing some flexibility during walks.

3. Type of hitch:

The leash attachment is the element that connects the leash to the dog's collar or harness. Choosing the right hitch is important to ensure safety and comfort. Clips with spring locks are popular and easy to use. There are also safety catches that make it difficult to accidentally unhook the leash. It is worth choosing solid, durable hooks to avoid a situation in which the dog could break free.

4. Handle ergonomics:

The leash holder is the place that the owner holds while walking. It is important that the handle is comfortable and ergonomic, ensuring a firm grip and reducing pressure on the hands. Leashes with soft handles or gel inserts may be more comfortable on long walks.

5. Reflectors and additional elements:

If you often walk your dog in the evenings or at night, it is worth choosing a leash with reflectors or additional reflective elements. This increases the visibility of steam on the road and improves safety. Some leashes also have additional handles or pockets for treats or waste bags.


Choosing the right leash for a dog is an important decision that affects the comfort of both the animal and its owner. Before purchasing a leash, consider your dog's needs, the type of activity you plan to do together, and comfort of use. A well-chosen dog walking tool can significantly improve the quality of walks and the relationship between you and your pet.
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